Want to add a new dimension to your fitness sessions? It’s possible when you have the right data about your health and posture. And the WearME 4-in-1 fitness has smart sensors that can give you that information. Track your heart rate, temperature, lungs, and more with this multimodal sensing solution.

Access the next level of fitness with the WearME 4-in-1 fitness wearable. This form-tracking sports wearable works with a slew of smart sensors and a companion app to monitor your body’s vitals and help you maintain the correct form while you exercise. Because while your trainer can keep a sharp eye on your movements, he can’t immediately see your heart rate or temperature to ensure you’re actually good to go for that six-mile run.

WearME in use

Fitness is a regular part of your life. But even if you run every morning and work out with a trainer, you wish you had more empirical data about your form and overall health. Well, now you can have that information with the WearME. This cool new sports wearable has a smart sensor that tracks your posture; listens to your heart and lungs; and checks your temperature. It’s like having a mini checkup while you exercise and it comes in three stylish colors. Let’s have a look at it.

Monitor your vitals

This form-tracking sports wearable has an array of sensors that monitor your health. Specifically, it includes a stethoscope, IR thermometer, and an EKG monitor. So this fitness gadget can check your heart and lungs before you do that HIIT routine and keep an eye on your form while you exercise in real time. If you’ve ever wished you had a sports clinic at your disposal, this gadget practically serves as one.

WearME with a user

Maintain proper form

You know how important proper form is to your fitness sessions. If you don’t fully extend your arm during that bicep curl, you’re missing out on the move’s complete benefits. But it isn’t always easy to know what your form looks like when you’re in the middle of it. And if your trainer isn’t with you at every workout, you might be making a habit out of executing moves incorrectly.

Luckily, the WearME helps you exercise with the proper form thanks to its fitness tracker that captures range-of-motion data at any point on your body. It’s a multimodal sensing solution that helps you get a true look at your movements. Just place it on, say, your arm to get a close look at its movements.

This form-tracking sports wearable helps improve your form and captures your vitalsWearME devices

Get a complete look at your health with more sensors

According to the company, most users will only require up to three WearME fitness sensors. And for basic health tracking and single joint position tracking during exercise, you only need one sensor. But you can get a complete look at your health and posture by placing more sensors around your body. In fact, you can connect up to 14 WearME sensors wirelessly.

WearME 4-in-1 fitness wearableWearME in a person’s hands

Connect the WearME to the wireless body mesh network

Don’t worry; you won’t need to stay near a Wi-Fi connection for these sensors to work. That’s because they set up their own encrypted wireless body mesh network. Just turn on the WearME devices, place them in your apparel’s pockets, and start exercising. The sensors continue to monitor your vitals and movements, whether you’re doing Pilates at home or cycling in the mountains.

Manage your sensors via the app

And, of course, you can manage this movement-tracking wearable from your smartphone. The free app lets you view your body mesh data, track your exercises, connect with your health professional, and configure the sensors. So it gives you an overview of your health with just a glance and makes the WearME easy to use.

Choose an easy-to-wear fitness wearable

Best of all, the smart sensors in the WearME are arranged in a compact, easy-to-wear device that you can put in a jacket pocket or place against a specific point on the body. It’s easy and intuitive to wear and use, which means it won’t get in your way while you’re doing those yoga moves.

Work out with your own avatar

Another cool feature of this form-tracking sports wearable is that it gives you a workout avatar. It serves as both a data interpreter and personal trainer. Just select the exercise you want to perform and this virtual mimics your movements. It also tells you when your form is correct or if you need to modify your position to avoid injury.

Wear the customized shirt during fitness sessions

Your WearME purchase includes a customized WearME shirt. It includes a handy inner pocket where you can store the device during exercise. That way, you can be sure it won’t fall out during intense workouts.

Connect with your physical therapist

Do you see a physical therapist for that knee injury? Or are you working with a trainer or physician? With the WearME, it’s easy to connect with your medical professional and share data about your mobility during specific exercises. You can also easily share your health stats. That way, you might not need to leave your home for consultations.

This form-tracking sports wearable is a great way to enhance your fitness sessions. It boasts an EKG monitor, IR thermometer, and a stethoscope to provide you with in-depth data about your health. And the movement tracker shows you range-of-motion data at any point on your body. It’s easy to reach the next level of your fitness journey when you have the right data, and the WearME provides everything you need.

The WearME 4-in-1 fitness wearable typically costs $199. You can currently preorder it for $119 on Kickstarter. What gadgets do you use to get the most out of your workouts? Let us know about them in the comments.

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